With a strong business acumen and eye for talent, Book Management is a rising name in the world of fashion and entertainment. Book Management first opened its doors in Montreal in 2014 as a traditional agency that has quickly established itself as an agency with an innovative eye that discovers and develops fresh faces. 

Book management offers more than just a service or product; it symbolizes opportunity. With vast experience the agency stands as an access point through which the best clients encounter the greatest talents.  


Book Management further draws inspiration from the talent we scout, develop, and manage worldwide. Our agency is cutting edge in our image, progressive and inclusive in our representation. The model’s client base consists of the most cutting-edge fashion, editorial, advertising, catalogue, commercial print and television clients from around the globe.  


It is important to remember that manifesting these dreams takes a lot of hard work and expertise and this is where our dedicated team comes into play. Book Management is respected for fostering good relationships and known for its commitment, creativity and professionalism. For those with promise and dedication Book Management can become a portal to a world of adventure, while exploring the world of fashion and entertainment. 

Using Book Management’s unique connections and industry knowledge to develop and nurture talent, ambition, market strength and ethical management the team provides personal management tailored to each individual within the global media industry. 


Beautiful faces are the lifeblood of this company. Our dedicated team of scouts are constantly on the lookout, searching for fresh new faces to conquer the world of international fashion. 

By working closely with family to lend moral support, Book Management safeguards models as they begin their careers. With strategic management, selectivity and long-term planning, our dedicated team uses an all-encompassing approach to talent management tailored to suit the unique needs of individuals we represent. We have a special nurturing approach with our talent through patience and encouragement. 


With a diverse network of clients and top-tier international agents, Book Management is able to take a newly discovered face and polish their inherent natural abilities and provides talent with the necessary skills and experience to ensure they make a significant global impact. Through thoughtful collaborations with talented artists, the agency works to build strong portfolios and lasting careers. Using Book Management’s unique connections and industry knowledge to develop and nurture talent, ambition, market strength and ethical management, the team provides personal management tailored to each individual. We pride ourselves in developing models for markets that best suit their individual potential and ambitions.


Book Management has put an emphasis on having a personal approach to assure a healthy transition for talent into the business, giving them the opportunity to travel across top fashion and entertainment markets worldwide. The Agency also promotes talent from foreign markets to bring versatility and prestige to our local market.


Social Media is essential in our times. The agency will help talent develop a strategy for their personal branding and development.