Book Management is dedicated to fostering work environments where our represented talent are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism, free from discrimination or harassment of any kind.

We are committed to upholding strong ethical and social values in the workplace, maintaining the highest standards of integrity, and ensuring the well-being of all individuals with whom we collaborate.

All talent must be treated with respect and professionalism, a requirement we communicate to all parties involved in our operations, including third-party clients and contractors.

If any violation of this requirement is discovered, or if any talent is subjected to inappropriate conduct or conditions, such as sexual advances, emotional coercion, or offensive language, we will take immediate steps to ensure the model's safety and address the situation accordingly.

Discrimination and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated within professional working environments. If any talent experiences or witnesses such behavior, we encourage them to report it immediately to their managers. All reported allegations will be thoroughly and impartially investigated.

We are committed to safeguarding the physical and mental health, safety, and dignity of our talent while they are on assignment. Any incidents reported will be promptly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken.

To ensure a professional and safe environment, we have established guidelines for employees, customers, clients, brands, contractors, and other agents involved in our operations. These guidelines cover areas such as image usage, safety measures, respectful conduct, and confidentiality. Book Management’s professional expectations do extend beyond the below guidelines, and they do not replace any current laws and/or regulations of any Country in which Book Management Inc. does any business.

Images and or Videos in which Talent appear nude , partially nude, see-through attire, a bathing suit, lingerie and/or wearing furs requires express prior written notice/approval.

Customers and brands working with Talent are expected to take all reasonable steps/measures that are necessary to ensure that safety, health and well-being of talent are protected and maintained at all times while Talent is providing a service.

Talent images and/or video may not be altered or distorted beyond reasonable and customary editing.

Behind the scenes footage may not be taken of a Talent unless express is prior written approval is provided . If behind the scenes footage is approved it may not be taken when Talent is nude and/or changing clothed, before being hair and make up ready, or any other time Talent has an expectation of prIvacy .

Talent will be allowed to take regular rest periods to ensure Talent are able to maintain a suitable amount of rest and refreshment while delivering services.

No person should impose upon Talent any action or activity in which is dangerous, degrading, unprofessional and/or demeaning;

Individuals may not be under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs or alcohol in the workplace ( including unauthorized use of prescription drugs);

No person may coerce Talent into a diet or weight loss that may negligently endanger the Talent’s health or safety;

Customers and Brands are responsible for making adequate Security arrangements when necessary; and

Confidential Talent information and the terms of the agreement under which Talent is contracted , shall not be disclosed, except with prior written consent or that which is necessary in the performance of the customer and brand’s obligations;

Educational materials regarding sexual harassment prevention and response are also available to Talent upon request. Talent are encouraged to report any conduct which they reasonably believe offends Book Management’s ethical and professional objectives, even if they are not expressly listed above. We will advise our Talent of their rights and of the resources available to help protect their rights. We will continue to work closely with all stakeholders in this business to protect Talent’s rights and improve working conditions.

Questions or concerns regarding conduct that may violate these guidelines can be directed to We remain committed to protecting talent's rights and improving working conditions through collaboration with all stakeholders in our business.